May 29


Bitcoin Price DESTROYS $60k, Ethereum ( $0.00 ) Price to $2k NEXT!

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Button guys and if you like, seeing bitcoin hit a new all-time high, make sure to go ahead and smash. That, like button guys today and tomorrow on the channel, we have a huge interview with michael saylor in this interview for you.

If you watch it, it may change everything you know about bitcoin and i & # 39. Ll, be honest with you. I actually left this interview myself feeling like maybe i've, been wrong about some things, and maybe michael saylor knows something that the rest of us don't.

You guys are going to watch that interview part one today part two tomorrow, both going out at two o'clock eastern standard time uh, but let's, get to bitcoin right now. Bitcoin just had an all-time high.

It went over. Sixty thousand dollars i woke up this morning. I got a text at about 6 a.m. For my friend he said he said, oh my gosh did you get? Did you get in that trade, and i said no, i said: should i get in it now and i didn't even look at the price and i pulled it up and the price was at 60 thousand dollars guys.

I could not believe it because i did not get in a trade last night. I i went one night too early to try to get the uh the big pop i was one day too early on it. Tj always tells me not to trade on the weekend.

So, as always, tj the dream, killer, uh, but guys that's, not a good mistake that's, not gonna stick. You don't, think tj. The dream killer is gonna stick tj. The dj is what they say: tj the dj is what they said come on in haley come on in here.

You can go ahead and bring that it's; okay, okay, what no okay, all right guys! So the price of bitcoin sixty thousand dollars, where is it going next? That is the question uh. Well, it looks like it's had a little bit of a pullback.

It went back under 59 uh back under 60k. Briefly, so on the shorter timeframes. Look at the hour time frame the two hour timeframe, not looking particularly bullish. However, on the four-hour time frame, we are still looking very bullish for bitcoin.

Now what are the targets? A lot of people are saying about. 70 000 should be where you & # 39. Re looking at in the next 12 days and some of the data that we've looked at recently, we saw that most of the futures contracts most of the futures contracts we've, seen expire this month on march 26th.

Today, what's? The date tj march 13th today's march 13th. That gives you 13 days so basically between now and next thursday will be the time that we probably see the biggest gains of the month, and then we will probably see a pullback at some point now the thing to keep into consideration it's.

Just so funny how all this timing always works out. Isn't it because during this next 13 days, basically, everyone is going to receive their stimulus checks and we already know where a lot of that stimulus money is going to be going to so bitcoin hit 60k ethereum right now coming in somewhere around 1850, it was a little bit earlier, almost at 1900 this morning.

The question is: will we see ethereum next now, if you watched our video a couple days ago, we discussed how the last time we had a green dot on the top of market cipher a for ethereum. It took five days of sideways action before the price started.

Climbing and when the price started climbing, it did not stop for about a month and it absolutely moved. We saw five days from when we got the green dot over the weekend. Okay, and now we're starting to see the climb, we drew a support line at about seventeen hundred and thirty dollars on uh market cipher or on trading view.

Excuse me for the ethereum chart and what we've seen is that that's, seventeen hundred and thirty dollars, while it's slightly dipped under it on wix, it has not stayed down below that level. It looks like that 1730 might be the lowest we ever see ethereum again, honestly uh, it looks like a 2 000 target for this weekend is definitely in play 2 500 target before the end of march.

Definitely still in play, man, i sure wish it would go to 2500 by tomorrow. Some of you guys will get that uh, but that's. What we're, looking at for ethereum and and when we go beyond that, and we start looking at d5 projects when we start looking at cardano, we do know uh polka dot.

Also, we do know that a lot of these projects are going to get. You know very good recoveries from the last dip. Cardano specifically has been on a massive downfall lately, and i'm looking for cardano to finally find a line of support.

A bottom and start back climbing again because while cardano was running while bitcoin was mostly falling, i don't. Think we're, going to see the kind of relationship where cardano continues to fall, while bitcoin and ethereum are climbing.

I think we're, going to see them move hand in hand. I think we're about to see a huge tick up for the market. I would predict that by the 26 we will see a 2 trillion market cap overall. This gimbal is just not as good as my first one.

I just got to say: super bowl security took my first one and i hate them for that uh. But the point is, i think we're gonna see the overall market cap. Just explode, tj cringe laughed. You guys heard him.

I knew that got under yours, god that cringe laughed dude. I hate that hey. I hate that guy. I love dj. He's. Okay, he's; a he is a. He is a dream killer, though okay uh, but guys this is going to be an exciting week.

In my opinion, it was an exciting morning. I think we're going to see more of this. I think we're, going to see a lot of price explosion and i'm very excited. I want you guys to drop me down below what is your bitcoin prediction for this weekend? I don't.

Think we're, going to see any heavy dumping tomorrow. I think that's over for a while, probably until after the 26th, we might see some of that sunday. Dumping pick back up. Weekends have been unpredictable, but if you remember back in december and january, the weekends were unpredictable, especially in the beginning of january, in a good way.

Bitcoin was mooning on the weekends and then coming back down in the weeks, and of course we saw a little bit after that. We saw the opposite where it would do well through the week and on sundays. It would get crushed.

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