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Apple Is Hiding A HUGE Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) Secret

[, Music ]. We have got some big apple news to get to today: okay, a company i invest in personally for full transparency. You know that i invest in apple already, just as a hardware manufacturer, and you know software developer of ios.

I use i i you know i invest in them because i use them every day. I run my whole business on apple products and i, i believe deeply in this company. Well, now apple could be looking to hire a business development manager with experience in cryptocurrency which could lead to its alternative payments partnership program.

So what does this mean? I mean the internet kind of blew up yesterday and crypto. I mean crypto news sites everything everyone’s exploding over this news; think about for a second. What apple has been able to do with their with their credit card and apple pay, now step one step beyond that.

Just start thinking what, if apple, gets into cryptocurrency payments inside of the iphone inside of mac, os or ios? So here is, and it was a job posting uh. It’s, subtle, subtle and apple doesn’t. Usually, like you know, they don’t talk about anything that they’re working on they’re, very secretive, so apple is looking for a crypto experience in an alternative payments.

Job post a wednesday job posting apple, said candidates. Should have five years or more working in or working with, alternative payment providers such as digital wallets bnpl, which is buy now pay later fast payments and cryptocurrency, etc? Apple says the manager would be apple’s chief negotiator for the alternative payment space.

That’s, amazing, the apple wallets payment and commerce. Wpc team is seeking an experienced business development manager to lead alternative payment partnerships. The company wrote well, you know how michael saylor said that you know using bitcoin to buy cars and stuff is not really a good idea because it’s a you know.

It’s a. What is that term? You always use uh. Well, it’s, a performing asset, it’s, a it’s. An asset yeah so is that is, is the other cryptocurrencies and things not going to fall under that same category to where it’s? You know they’re kind of making.

People spend something they shouldn’t, be spending uh for apple products. It’s. Going to be interesting. I mean look paypal. Does this already right? I think google’s. Already moving in that direction, so it’s.

A matter of. Are you able to accept as part of a digital wallet in your apple wallet? The same way that paypal you’re able to accept payment like couldn’t? You accept payment on your apple device, talk about the legitimizing of a platform and an ecosystem.

Now i don’t know about the tax implications, because the thing is there are ways that, with a stable coin like if you’ve got your coins state staked in some ways you’re lending it out. So are you then only do you have to? Is that a taxable event when you’re, you know if you’re lending it out through.

You know you’re buying pizza with it or something i mean we ‘ Ll have to see how all this shakes out on the tax side – and i’d love to have tom wheelwright, come on the show and talk more about it.

Frankly, i don’t even know that he knows all about it. Yet i mean because if let’s say you have a hundred dollars in your ethereum staked account, but you’re, you know, but then you’re, able to sort of lend it out based on a loan of it.

There’s, no taxes on debt, meaning, if you, if you have a loan you don’t have to and that’s exactly what michael saylor talks about like why wouldn’t, you take your bitcoin that You’ve, got that’s, a hundred thousand dollars and loan it get it.

You know, get debt on that and then you don’t pay taxes on debt, and so in that way, maybe that’s. How this all works and that’s? How we can be navigating this in the future is that we’re constantly using debt as leverage against our crypto assets that we don’t sell.

We’re, simply taking loans out on those and that’s. Where we never pay debt, we never pay um, we never pay taxes. I mean that’s, how you know that’s, how i make money in real estate and that’s. Why you know when you’re, a real estate investor, and you do it correctly, like i do and you own property, you really shouldn’t, be paying any taxes at all, because the way that you use depreciation and you use leverage Debt as an offset to any kind of income and paying you know having to pay above and beyond that.

So while yes, i’m paying taxes, but what i’m saying. Is it’s offset by the amount, then that i’m, getting back through depreciation and being able to you know, depreciate that asset and other expenses as a result of running a business and being a real estate professional? So again, debt is king.

You do not pay taxes on debt and that’s. Why real estate is to me one of the ultimate ultimate ways to build wealth? I’m, not a financial advisor. I’m, not a financial advisor, but you know i. This is again people you want to understand like if you simply understand the tax code.

This is how you can really transform and build wealth. If you just understand how the tax code works and you’re not being taxed at the highest possible rate, uh doing stupid stuff with your money, i’m just blown away by this apple thing.

I just think that you know how how’s, this going to work, you know, are you going to get your apple? Your apple pay um, you know. Is it going to work right inside your wallet, like the other, like your apple card? Will it be right there, just like paypal, paypal, also announcing today, that they are going to allow acceptance from third-party wallets digital wallets like if you’re standing in the way of what’s happening? You’re, just gonna get crushed right now, like if you think this isn’t going away.

You’re wrong uh. This cart has left the. What is it card has left the building. The horse has left the carriage that’s. I don’t, know, elvis, has left the building, elvis has left the building um. But you know: apple has long maintained like an iron iron-clad grip over its payments, especially in its app store, and it never accepted customers crypto uh before um.

You know it’s, it ‘ S never been allowed to do that before um and you know they’ve, never accepted customers crypto and you know, forces all catalog apps to use apple’s, commerce rails and play by apple’s rules.

So what does this mean? If does this mean, then that maybe i could buy apple products using crypto through the apple app through third-party payment processing? I mean we already see tesla moving in that direction.

We see elo. We see um mark cuban doing that for the dallas mavericks, a lot of big companies are starting to move in this direction. Paypal has already moved there and, if apple wants to maintain its lead right now in this payment processing space with the apple card and through their apple wallet, this is an interesting hire.

Let me know what you think about what apple’s doing here. In the chat again and yes, i’m, not an android user. You will not catch me using an android device.

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