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In today’s, show analyst says: reclaiming 37 500 is Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s, crucial line in the sand in today’s. Show i’ll, be breaking down the latest technical analysis and as mikhail van der pot points out when in doubt, zoom out, Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) has seen similar corrections during the 2011 to 2014 cycle and also heavy corrections in the recent cycle.

After that, massive new all-time highs and as samson mal points out, hodler’s enjoying the weekend, because one btc still equals one btc that’s right. If you’re, currently getting wrecked, that’s, probably because you’re over leveraged on alts, and you need more Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) in your life.

Also in today,’s. Show vortex report shows how volatility drove one crypto trading strategy to 280x Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) gains that’s right. This chart produced on may 28th illustrates the results of the vortex score performance since january 3rd this year, when the algorithm went live and at this time, one day later, the roi on the top strategy is now over.

3 000. I’ll, be breaking this down for you. Also in today’s. Show Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance cycle suggests the 2017 crypto rally could repeat that’s right. They’re striking similarities, as you can see right here.

Between 2017 and 2021, i’ll, be breaking this down for you. Also in today’s. Episode will crypto competitors surpass Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) here’s, the truth about Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s dominance according to microstrategy’s. Ceo michael saylor, who was recently interviewed on cnn in this excellent interview, quoting him here.

Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) is sound money for the world. Everybody gets to participate, it’s rules, but there are no rulers. I’ll, be breaking down the highlights for you. We’ll, also be taking a look at the overall crypto market, as you can see, Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ethereum and most of the major altcoins are back in the green and pumping, but where’s, the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) price likely to go next find out All this plus so much more in today’s, show here at crypto news alerts.

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Today, all right. Welcome back to another episode of crypto news alerts. I’m, your host jv. We have a lot to cover, so let’s. Dive right in the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) price continues to limp lower, as traders in the us hit the bbq to enjoy the upcoming memorial day holiday on may 31st and regulated futures and options.

Markets like the cme are closed through the weekend, unlike Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) , which never closes data. From coin telegraph, markets, pro and trading view shows that, after a brief attempt for the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) bulls to rally above 37 000 in the early morning, hours on may 29th, the price has tumbled below 34 000, as the support needed for a higher move failed to manifest.

However, Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) just started pumping right before i hit the record button here this morning we’re, currently up 3.7 for the day trading, just above 36, 000 and right here, you’re. Looking at the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) four hour chart now let’s.

Discuss ethereum. The price action was nearly identical to that of Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) , with an attempt to break above 2500 met with stiff resistance that pushed the alt coin’s price back down to 2300 and at this time is trading just above 2 400 for ethereum.

Now, for Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) it’s, 37, 500 or bus according to one top crypto analyst, phil b, philby co-founder of decent trader Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s. Price action is a major source of the market’s. Confusion as it remains a ways away from the 20-week moving average, which is typically the line between Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) being either in a bull or bear market and as such, remains in a bearish scenario for Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) .

So we’re only currently about fifteen hundred dollars away from breaking that critical line in the sand, which is thirty, seven thousand five hundred resistance and right here you’re, looking at the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) four hour chart from decent trader now, the Analyst went on to further state that a Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) is able to find solid support in the low 30.

Thousands, the 20 week moving average could turn into a major resistance zone in any attempt to move higher, quoting phil b philby right here, a drop lower would likely make the low 20 thousands or the 78.

6 retracement a likely target as such price action over the next Week is particularly important and at this point, according to philby philby, it is crucial for Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) to reclaim 37 500 to avoid a retest, a weekly support and, as i pointed out, we’re only 1500 away at this time.

Of this recording should Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) manage to stage a rally and break above forty thousand phil b philby identified the previous support, slash resistance zone at forty five thousand five hundred to forty six thousand five hundred as the next area, resistance that will need to be overcome and For ethereum, the line in the sand is at twenty three hundred dollars, that’s right ether performed slightly better than btc after it sold off back to the sixty one point.

Eight percent retracement, as the price was able to bounce back above the 20 week moving average, but ultimately rejected at the critical pivot price of 3 000. As the recovery momentum faded and right here, you’re.

Looking at the ethereum four hour chart brought to you by decent trader and analyst phil b philby identified 2300 as an important area of support for ethereum. That would need to be held if the bulls wanted to gather momentum for an attempt to break above the 3 000 level and retest 3300, with this scenario being highly dependent upon the strength of Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) and, as you can see, ethereum’s currently trading.

Above 2400, so we just need to maintain this current level. Overall, the analyst expects that ether will outperform Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) in any upside move and at least match any bearish movement. He shared the following for now: eyes are on Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) to see if the lows can be held going into the weekend, with particular attention being around the 200-day moving average, which is currently the line in the sand for the bulls.

So there you have it now checking out the latest from me calvin day pop he shared when in doubt, zoom out Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) has seen similar corrections during the 2011 to 2014 cycle and also heavy corrections in the recent cycle.

After that massive new all-time highs, he’s right. Sometimes you just need to zoom out to see where we’re truly currently at in the cycle and as samson mal points out. Hodler’s enjoying the weekend because one btc still equals one btc.

So if you got wrecked from this recent correction, that means you’re over leveraged on altcoins, and you need more of the king of all crypto in your life that my friend is a fact and before i break down our next story of the Day – and i shared this vortex report, which shows how volatility drove one crypto trading strategy to 280x Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) gains as well as Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance cycles, suggest the 2017 crypto rally could repeat as well as will crypto competitors surpass Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) here’s, the truth about Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s dominance according to michael saylor, but first let’s.

Take a quick look at the overall crypto market. We can see Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) up about three point: four percent trading at about thirty six thousand dollars, ethereum up one point: five percent trading just about twenty four hundred chain link up about eight percent trading, just under twenty nine dollars, we have cardano up almost 15 percent trading At 1.

66 finance coin, at four percent trading at 336 dollars and xrp up four percent trading at 89 cents. All right now let’s; break down our next story of the day. What does a highly volatile asset class offer? Traders beyond panic and the occasional heart attack opportunity that’s right nicole work of prosperity, wealth strategies in michigan, summed it up in forbes.

Market volatility is a normal part of investing and is to be expected in a portfolio. If markets went straight up, then investing would be easy and we all be rich also like to point out something that michael saylor commonly shares that volatility equals life force.

I much rather have the volatility, a Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) with those massive gains over the years versus an asset class, with little to no volatility, with no impressive gains whatsoever like fiat trash which tends to go down over the years due to inflation and during the decade-long bull market.

On wall street, some participants who should really know better, seem to have forgotten this, such as jpmorgan chase ceo, jamie dimon, who infamously referred to Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) as a fraud back in 2017 and told the u.

s house of financial services committee this week that my own personal advice Is for people to stay away from it? He even threatened to fire his employees for investing into the king of all crypto, and yet, at his own shareholder meeting on may 18th.

He said a lot of our clients are asking: can we help them buy or sell cryptocurrency and we are investing in it as we speak, so there you have it as he was telling people not to buy it. He was buying it behind the scenes.

As most shady fud puppets do at the end of the day now for the million dollar question, why is the ceo of the largest bank in the united states investing in something such as Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) that he advises the rest of us not to touch well to me? It’s.

A very clear answer. Volatility is at the heart of that argument. It’s, a classic case of do, as i say, not as i do and diamond, and many like him in traditional financial markets make oodles of money.

When the markets are choppy, that’s right, they could buy the dip, increase their position and get rich, which is what they do. It’s called fud, fear, uncertainty and doubt, which is nothing new to the crypto markets.

And, of course, no markets are choppier than crypto. Over the past few weeks, volatility has returned to the crypto markets, pushing Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) to as low as 30 000, which i personally feel is the bottom before the king of the digital assets swung back to exceed 40 000.

Once again, which was short-lived and altcoins has swung even more dramatically a phenomenon which has also helped coin telegraph markets, pro quantitative algorithm known as the vortex score to post extraordinary results in an automated live testing.

This chart produced on may 28th illustrates the results of the vortex score performance since january 3rd this year, when the algorithm went live and at this time, one day later, the roi on the top strategy is now over three thousand percent, as you can see right here In this graph, in a score based testing scenario, the algorithm buys a digital asset when the vortex score crosses a certain threshold, in example, 80 and sells it when it crosses a second threshold, in example, 75, without employing fancy rebalancing techniques, but simply dividing the portfolio between All assets that currently require an investment.

The algorithm has delivered a return of over three thousand percent for its highest performing testing strategy buying at 80 and selling when the asset crosses 80 again on the way back down for comparison, Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) has generated returns of just 11.

2 percent since january 3rd and an evenly Weighted basket of the top 100 alt coins has returned 247. That’s right because altcoins have been outpacing Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) this year and the only reason the vortex score can deliver.

Outsized returns like this is because crypto markets are volatile, which presents multiple entry and exit opportunities in a shorter time frame than employed by traders and traditional markets that’s.

Right volatility equals opportunity at the end of the day. That may be partly a function of the 24 7 nature of crypto trading, but it’s also, partly because of the risk tolerance of crypto. Investors is generally agreed to be significantly higher than that of wall street ceos, at least for short-term investment.

So while volatility has obvious downsides, including the risk of total and permanent loss, it also has major potential upside for traders who have strong research skills that’s right, so take advantage of the dip keep accumulating and following the smart money, the only ones Selling right now, due to the fud in the market, are the retail investors which are being shaken out and it’s.

So obvious i mean it. Couldn’t be any more crystal clear than it is now before i break down my next story of the day, and we discussed the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominant cycle, suggesting the 2017 crypto rally could repeat as well as will crypto competitors surpass Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) here’s the truth about Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s; dominance according to the microstrategy ceo, michael saylor, but first let’s.

Take a quick look at the overall crypto market cap sitting, just above 1.5 trillion 133 billion in volume in the past 24 hours. Current Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance at 43.1 percent, with the ethereum dominance at 18, even and the current Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) market cap, just above 671 billion with the ethereum market cap, just above 280 billion dollars now checking out the top gainers within the top 100.

We have engine coin, go e and j up 20 for the day and 60 for the week currently trading at 1.65, near protocol up 14 trading at 3.18 cents. Tell coin up ten percent trading at two point: nine cents, cardano up about fourteen percent trading at a dollar sixty five and curved out token up almost ten percent trading at a dollar.

Seventy three now checking out one of my favorite indicators is the crypto greed and fear index shows we’re, currently rated at 10 in extreme fear, which is as low as i’ve, seen it in a very long time, which is A strong buying indicator yesterday was an 18 in extreme fear last week of 14 and last month of 51 neutral, and if you’re, not familiar with the crypto green inferior index, extreme fear can be a sign.

Investors are too worried. That can be a great buying opportunity, btfd buy that freaking dip and when investors are getting too greedy. That means the market is due for correction all right now, let’s, break down our next story of the day for the purposes of historical comparison.

It’s worth noting that the pattern of the dominance chart currently looks like much. It did during the earlier part of 2017. As you can see, the striking similarities right here in your screen now as the markets have gone into meltdown since may 12th.

Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance has fluctuated dramatically bucking 2021’s prevailing trend before the sell-off started in earnest. Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance had been falling pretty steadily from around 70 back in january to a low of under 40 by the time of the crash was underway, and at that point, Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance was at its lowest since the summer of 2018.

It has since recovered to above 43. If the same pattern is underway this time around, then the market is likely to be at an equivalent of the summer of 2017, when the alt season was just ramping up and still some months away from Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s price peak of around 20 000 Back in december of 2017 deja vu all over again just saying.

So what are the likely scenarios for the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance and what would it mean for the markets? Let’s start by following the money flow, that’s right. The money flow is one potential predictor of where the markets could go.

The model states that money flows from fiat into Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) and then down from large caps to the mid caps to the small cap alts before redirecting back to Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) and, ultimately back to fiat. This model is interesting because it pretty much sums up what happened in 2017, except that the cycle played out twice as Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) surged towards the end of the year.

So if the 2017 scenario repeats itself, the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance could continue to rise until Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) sees. Another price peak then fall as alt season accelerates. Once again, if the cycle repeats, it can still launch the alt markets to stratospheric new heights in 2021, while the performance observed during may may not offer much reassurance in this regard.

There’s, also nothing yet to indicate that Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) and the broader markets won’t perform according to the long-term trends, sam bankman frye, the ceo of exchange ftx and almeta research shared the following.

If we enter a prolonged bear market, i would expect Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance to rise, as it did in 2018 to 2019, but the correction we’ve, seen so far. Isn’t enough to trigger that now for the big important question.

To what extent will the involvement of institutions make a difference to the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance patterns compared with what was seen back in 2017? Perhaps the most critical difference between institutions and retail investors is that institutions are far more likely to follow prevailing market conditions and go risk off accordingly.

Therefore, Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance is rising as investors choose to step away from risk on alts. However, based on the buying the dip reports, it seemed there’s, no reason to assume that investors are going to go as far as going risk off from crypto itself, at least for now.

How low do you feel this Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance will go? Do you feel we hit the low or do you feel will continue to rise? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and before i break down our final story of the day.

While we’re talking about the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominance, will crypto competitors surpass Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) such as ethereum here’s, the truth about Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s dominance according to the microstrategy ceo, michael saylor, and before i break this down? First, i want to remind you to smash that show more button right below this video in the description for a detailed analysis of what’s going on in the crypto market.

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Break down our final story of the day, microstrategy, ceo and Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) , bull, michael saylor, is outlining whether other digital assets have a chance at upsurfing Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) as the most dominant crypto, and a new cnn interview, which i’ll include in the show notes below The video in the description it’s, an excellent interview.

I highly recommend you watch it by the way. Saylor says that there’s, never been an entity in history that has grown as large as Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) and failed. The billionaire adds that Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) is more dominant in its space today than some of the world’s, biggest technology unicorns were before they rose to prominence, quoting him from this interview.

There’s, no historic precedent for a network that got to hundreds of billions of dollars that was 50 times bigger than its next best competition. Ever failing. You could have predicted google facebook, amazon apple as being successful by 2010 because they all had already dominated their markets, but they had a decade of growth ahead of them.

Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) is more dominant today than any of those companies were when they started their run. He makes a great point. Sailor also believes that Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s core technology. The architecture give it an unbeatable superiority over any other crypto or financial product, quoting him again here.

If what you want to do is save money and give it to your children and your grandchildren, then you need something that sound and sound starts with thermodynamically sound. The proof-of-work architecture is by far the best architecture to design something that would be to centralize and secure and maintain its integrity over long periods of time.

Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) is a dominant crypto asset network and if you want a long duration asset, that’s going to last for 100 years, you need to completely decentralize it and make it permissionless, and you need to also thermodynamically embed it into the firmament of the World, so the architecture of Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ensures that it will be embedded into the reality of the laws of physics because it uses energy, and it also ensures that it will be politically supported because there are actually facilities in political jurisdictions that are supported by those governments and Sailor turned heads earlier in the week when he led the initiative with tesla ceo flood puppet elon musk to create the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) mining council.

Amid concerns about Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s, energy consumption, the council aims to promote energy usage, transparency and accelerates sustainability initiatives worldwide and involves members of prominent mining companies such as argo, blockchain block cap, core scientific galaxy, digital high blockchain hut, 8 mining marathon, digital holdings and Riot blockchain and i’m, going to leave you with this quote from sailor, Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) and sound money for the world.

Everybody gets to participate, it’s rules, but there are no rulers. That’s right my friend, and to check out this entire interview check the show notes below the video in the description now for a quick recap.

What i cover with you right here in today’s, show analyst says: reclaiming 37 500. Is Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s, crucial line in the sand? Also, in today’s. Show i shared that this vortex report shows how volatility drove one crypto trading strategy to 280 x Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) gains.

Also in today’s show we talked about the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) dominant cycle, suggesting the 2017 crypto rally could repeat. Also in today’s, show we discussed what crypto competitors surpassed Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) . I shared the truth about Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) ’s dominance according to microstrategy, ceo michael saylor.

So where do you feel the Bitcoin ( $57,061.00 ) price is likely to go next? Let me know in the comments right down below well that’s, going to conclude. Today’s show, as always. I appreciate you tuning in and joining along with me inside this incredible crypto matrix.

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Just like this, and i’ll, see you on tomorrow’s, episode, peace, [, Music, ], you

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